Hi…..from Kacey

For both Aaron and I, music is does not solely dwell in the realm of entertainment.  It is a transporting and emotional experience and as musicians, we always tried to transform the energy within a space.  It was always a pleasure and an honour to share our passion with an audience and especially magical, if that audience allowed us to take them on a journey.

Although life has led us both down different paths for the past few years, we have always talked of regrouping stringmansassy and creating more music together.  In a sense, I think we have always felt that there was more to say, more to experience and more to share and that the ‘life’ of our duo is far from over. So then, begins our journey into the cyberworld…..perhaps as a precursor to the next stage of the stringmansassy journey.

As touring performers, we were never great at this side of our industry. Far too ‘left-brained’ for both of us. But…..there is so much to share and how could we possibly begin the next stage without revisiting the adventure that preoccupied most of 20’s.  It was an adventure and an incredible life with moments of pure magic.  For those of you that joined us then, we hope enjoy this little retrospective.  For those we have yet to meet, welcome to the world of stringmansassy and we hope to see you on our future travels……..Kacey xox


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  1. We have just heard you for the first time having purchased a copy of Putumayo Music from the Winelands. Wow we cannot believe we have not heard of you before. Your passion and talent come across so strongly on the CD that we looked you up on the net and bought your a couple of your cds on line. You are both so talented and good that we would love to see you live. Please tell us you will be performing again in Queensland and when as we will make a point of travelling to see you. It is so amazing how much talent there is in Australia and it doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves.

    L & M

    • Len & Moyra, thank you for your beautiful words and your support. Stringmansassy performances are few and very far between these days…parenthood taking priority. These upcoming shows – stringmansassy on the 11th of September on the Gold Coast and my solo with the Camerata of St John’s at Tyalgum – will be all until (hopefully!!) the Woodford Folk Festival at the end of the year. I will let you know if we will be attending. Hope to see you in the near future. Kindest regards, Kacey xo

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your performances in Woodfordia for the first time and wonder why I have not heard of you before this. Bought your live performance CD and played it to death on a 800 km journey from Sydney to Gold Coast (where I live). I have played this CD to many friends who all want a copy. How do I buy them? Kacey, do you perform anywhere on the Gold Coast? Love and light to you and Aaron and thank you for a truly magical experience.

    • Dear Janet,

      Thank you for contact all those months ago. As you will have guessed, we are somewhat retired from stringmansassy but there is the occasional ‘return’ performance….and a couple coming up on and near the Gold Coast – stringmansassy at BOND Uni on September 11th and my solo appearance with the Camerata of St John’s at this year’s Tyalgum Classical Music Festival. We have discussed a few more for later in the year and 2012….we shall see what comes and I am certainly looking forward to chatting with Aaron about this when I see him in the next couple of weeks. WRT the cds…they can be purchased directly from our management (Red Chair) via the discography links on this site. Thank you again and we look forward to connecting with you in the future.
      Kindest regards, Kacey xox

  3. Hi,
    I think you guys are amazing, will you be touring around sydney again? I saw your farewell concert at the basement a couple years ago and LOVED it! would love to see you both again!

    • Hi Emma
      Thanks so much and wish I had some idea for you. Aaron and I will be reforming at the end of the year for some shows in up here in Queensland (dates and details to come). As for Sydney, not sure when…but maybe next year? As Aaron is presently living in Bathurst and it would be wonderful to perform down your way again. We are supposed to be retired….ha ha! I don’t think we will ever stop performing. They will be few and far between, but hopefully very special when they do happen.
      Love and blessings,

    • Hi Emma,
      Thanks so much for your comment – some three months ago – OMG!!! So sorry about my delay in getting back to you.
      Really nice to hear that another Sydney show would be appreciated. We have some exciting ones coming up at the end of the year. (I have just posted the Woodford Folk Festival performances). We would love to get back to Sydney (and Bathurst, Aaron’s new home town). Hopefully we can organise something for the New Year. Will certainly keep you posted.
      Love and light,

  4. hey,Kacey,
    It’s so exciting that I finally got a reply from you.I’m sorry that you felt that way about Shanghai.you and Aeron must suffer a lot and be exhausted~I totally understand.I’m at home,too and I find it much better than Shanghai for there are not so many people here.but the tempreture is still high and I just stay at home.It seems that the Facebook website is blocked by government so I can’t open yours,but I think I’ll figure it out~~I’m wondering if it’s convenient for you to give me your e-mail address ~I understand If you don’t want to.support you guys forever~=)

  5. hey Kacey,
    It’s me again,the girl who has been deeply moved by your magnificent music in SHexpo,I tried every means to contact you guys but got nothing yet,maybe you re really busy right now,I still keep your autograph~on my shirt~~hope you won’t be very tired,take good care of yourself please,drink more water~the weather is getting hoter and hoter~support you guys forever~~
    lots of love

    • Hi again – It has taken me a week to adjust to being home again. I do apologise for my delay in getting back to you and your earlier email. We had such a fantastic trip but I am almost glad that we returned home when we did. It was certainly getting very hot the days before we left and combined with the pollution and the poor air quality…. It is a quite difficult being a vocalist in that environment, particularly performing outside. The adrenaline, thrill and joy of performing gets you through the concert itself, but the exhaustion really hits when you head back to the hotel. As wonderful as the trip was, I am glad to be home under the blue skies and in fresh air. I hope your EXPO experience was also wonderful! Thank you again for getting in contact and for your beautiful words!! It really means a lot to both of us….
      Love and light, Kacey

  6. Geez I’ve missed you guys. Life seems to have a way of overtaking us at times. Discovering your website has made my week.

    • It is all moving so quickly, sometimes I forget to breathe! I think, one of the best things about being a musician….I always felt utterly and completely suspended in the moment. Glad we could be a part of your week and hope to connect with you soon…Kacey xox

      • Ben….I had no idea it was you until I just linked through to you site. So much love to you and Annie and hope you guys are well!! That has made my week!!!! Really hope to connect with you soon…..Kacey xox

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