stringmansassy at Woodford 2010-11

After 4 years, stringmansassy are returning to the Woodford Folk Festival….and it is their 25th Anniversay!!  This will be a Woodford not to be missed.

For those of you yet to experience the Woodford magic, the programme speaks for itself. One of the largest festivals in the southern hemisphere, it is a plethora of music, drama, cabaret, workshops, art, well-being, children’s festival, atmosphere, immersion and frivolity. Essentially, it is one of the greatest weeks you will ever experience!!! We are so excited and hope you can join us…xox

stringmansassy performances at Woodford Folk Festival 2010-11

Monday, December 27th at The Grand – 11.00am
Tuesday, December 28th at The Joyluck Club – 2.00pm
Wednesday, December 29th at The Folklorica – 9.30pm
in collaboration with Dva (Linsey Pollak and Tunji Beier)
Thursday, December 30th at The Concert Stage – 11.45am
Friday, December 31st at The Joyluck Club – 5.10pm
Friday, December 31st in The Amphitheatre for NYE – 11.15pm
Saturday, January 1st at The Concert Stage – 12.45pm

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