Aaron Hopper (guitar) and Kacey Patrick (vocals)

For those lucky enough to join them, the visit is wonderful….even the laws of physics are subject to subtle manipulation in stringmansassy’s world (Andrew MacLean 10/11/2003).

stringmansassy were refined and sophisticated performers and unique arrangers of every musical genre. They transcended their roots of jazz and folk to create a music that was described as spellbinding, enthralling and passionate. For 12 years as a performance duo, stringmansassy expanded the expected realm for guitar and voice, proving that it was possible to create an astonishing musical atmosphere with a small ensemble.

Since their early career beginnings as ‘cafe background music’ in 1996, stringmansassy became one of the most highly regarded performance duos in Australia. They toured extensively internationally and throughout Australia and performed at some of the country’s most prestigious venues and festivals. Among many other highlights in their 12 year career, they were invited to participate in the cultural delegation for the Australian Pavilion at three World EXPOs (Hanover 2000, Aichi 2005 and Shanghai 2010).

Lovers of music in all its forms, stringmansassy’s performances always retained elements of their influences: Bobby McFerrin, Maria Joao, Ralph Towner, Patti Griffin, Cleo Laine, Ella Fitzgerald, Sting, Tuck and Patti, Pierre Bensusen, Middle-Eastern, African & Celtic traditional music.  And yet, they always created a “world of their own, in which ‘passion’ flows like an electric current and each nuance of music is played with conviction and belief” (Andrew MacLean : music-culture.org.au 10/11/2003).

During their career, stringmansassy’s performances were not soon forgotten, their music was loved and their four cd releases were embraced and lauded by their fans and wider community. Although Aaron and Kacey ceased performing and touring in 2008 to concentrate on family life and other interests, they still retain a loyal and passionate fan base excitedly awaiting their return to the stage.  Although they rarely grace the stage together, they have maintained a strong friendship and musical connection as each has pursued their passion for music as a solo artist.

Occasionally, the opportunity to perform together presents itself and is too good an opportunity to pass up: Shanghai World EXPO 2010, Woodford Folk Festival 2011, National Folk Festival 2012. On these very rare occasions, Aaron and Kacey once again bring their magic to the stage as they revisit the world of stringmansassy.