A Beautiful Addiction – Day in the life of guitarist Aaron Hopper from Inland Sea of Sound on Vimeo.

For those of you that follow Australian music, this may not be a revelation. For those of you new to our world….please enjoy!!! For myself, there are those little moments in any given day that make me feel so blessed to be human….to be able to feel and be swept away by an awesome piece of music and inspired by the creative talent in this country. To those that put this together, I humbly thank you for showcasing Australia at her finest. It’s breathtaking!!! Kacey xox



So, with 5 days to go until we depart for Shanghai, perhaps a visit to our first EXPO experience is in order.  Ten years on we are a little more polished and hopefully more mature, but from one EXPO to another, I am sure the infectious excitement and energy this event brings to a city will be the same….

stringmansassy spent five months performing at the Australian Bar at the Australian Pavilion at World EXPO 2000 Hanover, Germany.  And what an experience that was!!  We arrived as fairly naive jazz musicians in our early twenties.  At the end of five months, we had braved the cold, the late nights and the huge crowds at one of the most popular bars on site.  We grew up as individuals and evolved as musicians, expanding our repertoire and performance and leaving as touring artists with a more defined idea of the musical journey we were headed on.

For those of us that were there at EXPO 2000, Hanover came alive and certainly embraced the energy of the Australian Pavilion.  Aaron and I will be forever grateful to John Morris and the crew at the Australian Bar and Peter Tesch and the Pavilion staff, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of such an extraordinary event.  We are especially grateful to the German (and international) audience who really challenged us to become performers. Thank you for your enjoyment of and passion for music and most of all, for your support and belief the we had a special musical experience to offer.

This video is ‘All I Want’, our first original song written by Aaron.  Featuring River Petein on saxophone (who joined us in Hanover for three months) and the staff and guests at the Australian Bar.  Recorded by Jens Berkmann (Thank you Jens!) on October 25th, 2000.

Oh, how I have always adored Julie Andrews!!!  The irony of performing this song for 12 years – I don’t think Aaron has ever made it through the entire movie.

The final song of a long and magical night from our performance at the Uki Hall (Northern NSW) in February 2008.  Enjoy!! xox

My Favourite Things (Rogers/Hammerstein)
Scarborough Fair (Simon/Garfunkel)