stringmansassy guitarist Aaron Hopper has been very busy over the past few years – raising a family, organising festivals, performing as a solo and ensemble artist, teaching guitar and writing music for a variety of genres, from dance groups to guitar orchestras.

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Brisbane Cabaret Festival 2012 by Brisbane Cabaret Festival on Pozible.

16 hours to go until the end of the Brisbane Cabaret POZILBE campaign! If 90 of us pledge $10, we will reach the $6K target!!

This year’s festival will be a heady mix of new venues, intoxicating performances and the scintillating atmosphere that is Cabaret. Please join us…..xox

For those of you that follow Australian music, this may not be a revelation. For those of you new to our world….please enjoy!!! For myself, there are those little moments in any given day that make me feel so blessed to be human….to be able to feel and be swept away by an awesome piece of music and inspired by the creative talent in this country. To those that put this together, I humbly thank you for showcasing Australia at her finest. It’s breathtaking!!! Kacey xox