Over their 12 year career, stringmansassy regarded themselves primarily as performing artists.  It was on stage that they could truly connect and transform the energy in a room, leading their audience on a sublime musical journey.  They did however, release 4 cds from 2000 to 2008, largely due to the requests from fans and the desire to create a permanent record of their music.

Persuasion (2000), Beautiful Day (2002), Dragonfly (2004) and The Live Experience(2008) are reflections of the stringmansassy journey.  Each cd articulates their influences at that time and their music of that moment.  They document stringmansassy’s evolution as musicians, artists and performers and essentially, record some of the magic moments stringmansassy created through their music…….music that is at one moment hauntingly beautiful and the next, spontaneously joyous.

Dragonfly (2004)
Beautiful Day (2002)


The LIVE Experience (2008)
Persuasion (2000)