The LIVE Experience 2000-2008 (2CD set)

Released 2008
Label Indie
Tracks 27
Length 2:21:05

Listen to tracks and view the lyrics.

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These CDs are a stringmansassy evolution, a handful of songs from but a few of our many nights on tour. It is a collection from shows in Germany and Australia spanning 2000 to 2008. There are missed notes and forgotten words, the clink of glasses, laughter and applause. There are some incredible recordings and some that are a little rough.

It is often difficult to capture the atmosphere of a live performance; the faces and expressions, the laughter and emotions, the energy within the space and the connections between people. This album touches on the magic of the stringmansassy live experience.


  1. Fragile (featuring Into the Forest) 10:17
  2. God’s Art 6:33
  3. A Day in the Life of a Fool (Black Orpheus) 6:11
  4. Images of Chance 5.43
  5. Glockenspiel (Instrumental) 5:56
  6. Berlin Cafe 5:33
  7. A Little Warm Death 4:36
  8. Whirlpools 4:47
  9. Safe 4:23
  10. The Sprinter (Instrumental) 4:57
  11. Red On Blue 9:35
  12. Sleep 4:22


  1. Waiting for My Real Life to Begin 4:47
  2. Nice Work If You Can Get It 4:15
  3. Come Together (feat. River Petein – saxophone) 3:42
  4. Vincent (Instrumental) 3:26
  5. My Favourite Things 6:16
  6. Baby Baby All The Time 3:40
  7. Softly Tainting Love 6:31
  8. Autumn Leaves (Instrumental feat. River Petein – saxophone) 5.17
  9. Black Is the Colour 3:44
  10. Big Love 4:23
  11. All I Want 5:45
  12. The Spider (Instrumental) 4:50
  13. Summertime 4:46
  14. Lucky Day 5:12
  15. Down Under (feat. ‘Anthem’) 7:19

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