In Concert

Friday 7 November, 2014

Tanks Arts Centre – Jazz Up North

46 Collins Street, CAIRNS, north queensland 

Saturday 8 November, 2014

Tablelands Regional Gallery


Friday 21 November, 2014


165 durigan STREET, Currumbin, gold coast

November 22nd, 2014

Studio 188

188 Brisbane STREET, ipswich, south east queensland


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  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if u guys are going to be doing a gig in the near future in Brisbane or other close locations. Love ya stuff
    Yours sincerely

  2. Hello there Kasey and Aaron.
    I was thrilled to hear you’ll be at the National Folk Festival Easter 2012 – I wasn’t going until I heard this great news. That’s where I first discovered you about five years ago. Since then I’ve seen you perform a few times in Melbourne and bought all your albums. And I just discovered Katie Noonan will also be there with Steve Magnusson. Now I’m definitely going. Nothing like my two favorite jazz singer/guitarist duos at a folk festival (well, Zac Hurren’s sax is rather good and essential too). Any chance of a duo + trio jam?

  3. Hi Aaron and Kacey
    Looking at this webpage looks like you’re not performing anywhere between Jan and June-China this year. Is that right? I am looking forward to the next time I see you perform together and really don’t think I am going to be in China in June!
    Kind regards
    NSW 2484

    • Hi Kitty, thank you for your contact all those months ago. This year is flying….OMGoodness!!! As you will be aware, or shows are very few and far between…we are supposed to be semi retired but the odd one is always very welcome. A couple are upcoming if you are in the neighbourhood of the Gold Coast or we might just see you further north in the New Year. China was actually 2010…I should probably be putting the years in now…. Thanks again and kind regards, Kacey xox

  4. Have you guys got plans to play in Sydney at all? I saw your farewell concert a few years ago at the Basement and it was fantastic! I’d love to see you live again.

  5. Dear Kacey,
    I found the number of Australian Pavilion and called and asked the date you play,a girl told me that you play every day until October 31th~~and I also wrote a letter to the Australian Pavilion and let them give it to you but I think you didn’t get it as well~~thanks for the website you gave and I’ll make every effort to get your albums~
    hope you never stop singing~

    • Dear Xiaoshi,
      Wow…the Shanghai Expo must just have come to an end! I hope that you had an incredible time visiting the site and thank you again for joining us at the Australian Pavilion all those months ago.
      I must apologise for the confusion and misinformation regarding our performances. The Australian Pavilion was a very big undertaking and the music programme was a bit crazy at times. It all got a bit confusing…
      I did not receive your letter but the website is always a good place to contact us. I do hope that you managed to get our albums and are enjoying them!!!
      Aaron and I are just about to begin performing in Australia again. I am really excited and looking forward to singing again…..
      Thank you for you love and support,
      Kacey xox

  6. dear kacay,
    Hey,I’m the girl in yellow T-shirt in Shanghai Expo,I’m totally fascinated by your performance at the Australian Pavilion,you two are really incredible~~it has been years since I have heard voices as good as yours,the show is perfect.I’m not native to Shanghai so I can go there and support you every night,what a pity~I really hope I can watch more~I can’t find your albums,not in China and even can’t get one from the Internet!that make me very sad~~~~~~so I’m wondering can you tell me where I can buy your albums~I want to collect them,not only download some of your songs~~~~you and areon are perfect singers and your concentration on music touch me deeply~hope you can have more shows in China~support you forever~~~

    • Dear Quan,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful words!!! And I have to say, it was a real thrill to sign your t-shirt and a pleasure to meet you in Shanghai! I hope the rest of your trip was good one.
      We had a great time performing for you all. It is always such an interesting experience for us as musicians, to play to an audience completely unfamiliar with our music. We were so pleased and overjoyed that everyone responded to it as they did. Thank you especially for your support and enthusiasm!!
      Let me know how this link goes with purchasing our CDs……stringmansassy CD Shop. If you are still unable to get them online, please do not hesitate to contact us directly again. I am sure that we can send some over.
      Love and best wishes,

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