OMGoodness!!! Some three months has elapsed and no news on how China went. Please forgive my tardiness and my dramatic, all consuming return to motherhood. Suffice to say…WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! Shanghai was incredible, a futuristic sci-fi metropolis all decked out in rainbow lighting. The EXPO was gargantuan, the Australian Pavilion monolithic but most importantly, we had a lot of fun and it was wonderful to be performing again. Aaron and I slipped back into touring mode like we had never left. Although, perhaps this time, a little wiser and a little less self conscious. We can still make great music together. So….thought I would post a few photos and leave more news for a later date…..Enjoy!! xox

For both Aaron and I, music is does not solely dwell in the realm of entertainment.  It is a transporting and emotional experience and as musicians, we always tried to transform the energy within a space.  It was always a pleasure and an honour to share our passion with an audience and especially magical, if that audience allowed us to take them on a journey.

Although life has led us both down different paths for the past few years, we have always talked of regrouping stringmansassy and creating more music together.  In a sense, I think we have always felt that there was more to say, more to experience and more to share and that the ‘life’ of our duo is far from over. So then, begins our journey into the cyberworld…..perhaps as a precursor to the next stage of the stringmansassy journey.

As touring performers, we were never great at this side of our industry. Far too ‘left-brained’ for both of us. But…..there is so much to share and how could we possibly begin the next stage without revisiting the adventure that preoccupied most of 20’s.  It was an adventure and an incredible life with moments of pure magic.  For those of you that joined us then, we hope enjoy this little retrospective.  For those we have yet to meet, welcome to the world of stringmansassy and we hope to see you on our future travels……..Kacey xox