OMGoodness!!! Some three months has elapsed and no news on how China went. Please forgive my tardiness and my dramatic, all consuming return to motherhood. Suffice to say…WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! Shanghai was incredible, a futuristic sci-fi metropolis all decked out in rainbow lighting. The EXPO was gargantuan, the Australian Pavilion monolithic but most importantly, we had a lot of fun and it was wonderful to be performing again. Aaron and I slipped back into touring mode like we had never left. Although, perhaps this time, a little wiser and a little less self conscious. We can still make great music together. So….thought I would post a few photos and leave more news for a later date…..Enjoy!! xox

Aaron and I are what you would call EXPO veterans!  We began in 2000 with Hanover, went to Aichi in 2005 and have once again been invited to participate in this illustrious world event.  This year, it’s Shanghai and our first trip to China.

It is not without a certain level of excited anticipation that I say that I cannot wait to be a small part of the cultural events on offer at the Australian Pavilion. I am beginning to understand what it must feel like to be an Olympic athlete (minus the years of strenuous training) returning year after year in their bid for gold.  Perhaps a little less dramatic than that, but as close as I am ever going to get…..

So….with less than two weeks to go, I am dusting off the vocal chords, organising everything in minute detail for my loved ones left behind and revisiting the idea again and again, that for 9 days I will be a singer and not a mother.  Aaron and I have a night in Sydney to regroup and revisit all the songs we wish to share.  This will be an exciting process in itself.

The details we know at this stage, two performance per day at the Australian Pavilion from June 14th to 20th.  Performance times to be confirmed.

If you have any friends in Shanghai or are venturing there yourselves in the next two weeks, please come, visit and share the EXPO experience with us…xox